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(A Non-Profit Corporation)



By-Laws, Rules and Regulations


(Amended as of October 2004)



1.   NAME


     The Association shall be called The Goan Association

     Of New Jersey, Incorporated.




     Post Office Box # 335

     Cranbury, NJ  08512




     The objectives of the Association shall be:



     a. To promote social, cultural, educational and charitable activities, primarily for the good of its members and worthwhile causes in Goa, India as well as the community at large in New Jersey.


     b. To promote and reflect the long standing traditions of the largely Catholic membership of the Association. 


     c. To co-operate with other organizations with similar objectives and foster friendly relations with all people.




     All Goans, relatives and friends of Goans shall be eligible for membership as provided in the by-laws.




     The Association may receive, accept, purchase and hold any real or personal property, lands, buildings and hereditaments for the purpose of the Association, and may sell, mortgage, lease or dispose thereof. The Association shall apply all its proceeds, or other income, in promoting its objectives, and shall not at any time pay any assets to its members for personal benefit. It may award scholarships and charitable donations, as directed by the Executive Committee of this Association.



     It is agreed for the purpose of these by-laws, unless a contrary intention appears, that the words:


     a."Association" means The Goan Association of New Jersey,Inc.   

     b."Goan" shall mean any person who is of Goan ancestry.


     c."Trustees" shall mean the Board of Trustees elected and/or appointed in accordance with the by-laws.


     d."Member" shall mean a member and / or a spouse of a member of the Association.


     e."Member in good standing" shall mean a member:


          i    as disclosed by  membership rolls, and


         ii    whose fees are not in arrears, and


        iii    whose membership has not been suspended or term-

               inated in accordance with these rules and by-laws.

     f. ”Voting member” shall mean an adult member in good standing, entitled to a vote in the Association( e.g. in each      paid up family membership the head of household and a legal spouse/partner, if any, are the only persons recognized by        the Association as voting members)


     g."Dependent" shall mean:


          [i]  A child under the age of 18 years who resides with and is wholly dependent upon the member.


         [ii]  An offspring or immediate family member 18 years of age or older who because of mental or physical infirmity is principally dependent upon the member.


        [iii] An offspring 18 years of age or older, who is in  full-time attendance at college or other vocational school and is principally dependent upon the member.


         [iv] A parent who is principally dependent upon a member.


[v]  Any other individual in question as reasonably decided by the Executive Committee.




A. Executive Committee


The day-to-day activities and general business of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of not less than five (5) elected officers and not more than fifteen 15) members in total to be constituted in such a manner as is provided by the by-laws and rules. In keeping with the cultural objectives of the Association, only members of Goan  parentage may hold elected office on the Executive Committee.


  [i] The following Executive Committee positions shall be filled by election or ratification at the Annual General Meeting:



              {a}  President

              {b}  Vice President

              {c}  Secretary

              {d}  Treasurer

              {e}  Managing Editor


 [ii] The following additional assistantship positions may be filled, at the discretion of the Executive Committee officers , by co-opting, as required:


              (a) Assistant to the VP

              (b) Assistant to the Secretary

              (C) Assistant to the Treasurer            

              (d) Assistant to the Managing Editor


Note, in the absence of the President the VP will serve as his deputy.


In order to facilitate the uninterrupted operation of regular business, voting rights may be extended to or withheld from these Assistants, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.



B. Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees shall be the Association’s oversight body, court of last recourse and ultimate guardian.  Its principal purpose is to ensure the continuous well being and ethical conduct of the Association as well as its proper governance in the best interest of the general membership and traditions of the Association.


The Board of Trustees shall consist of the following       positions:


               {a}  Chairperson

               {b}  Vice Chairperson

               {c}  Treasurer to the Board

               {d}  Secretary to the Board

{e} President of the Association (ex officio member of the Board)



c. Planning Committee


The Planning Committee shall constitute the operational arm of the Association.  It shall include the Executive Committee as well as other members co-opted to it as deemed necessary to plan, organize and lead the various events and agenda of the Association.


Additional Sub-committees may be formed to focus the Association’s attention and deliver programs and services in specific, targeted fields (for example social, charitable, project related).




     a.The Executive Committee shall act as a committee of the whole and shall nominate an official slate of candidates for elections                        consisting of one candidate for each position to be filled by the election or ratification process, referenced in 7 (a) [i] above


b.The nominees for the official slate shall be offered by the Executive Committee primarily from members who have   served on the Planning Committee (or designated sub committees) for at least two (2) years.



    c.Any other properly qualified candidate (i.e. with 2 or more      years of experience in the Planning Committee), who is a          voting member in good standing, may choose to run for             elective office.  To do so, the candidate must, at least 60       days prior to the published election date, be duly nominated      and seconded, in writing, to the Executive committee.  The said candidacy must be supported by signatures from the greater of 50 voting members or 20% of the voting membership in good standing.


     d.Any voting member, in good standing, may file an action with the Board of Trustees to show cause that one or more candidates be permitted to run for elective office, who have not attained the 2-year experience in the Planning Committee.      Such a filing must be made, in writing, to the Board of Trustees at least 60 days prior to the published election date and must be supported by the greater of 50 voting members or 20% of the voting membership in good standing.


     e. To ensure continuity and efficient operations, the Executive Committee slate offered for election, in any year, must comprise at least 60% of members who have recently served as officers of the Association.  The remainder (up to      40%) of the slate may be comprised of new members who have satisfied the Planning Committee 2-year experience requirements.


f.The President’s position, when vacated for any reason, shall be filled either by the Vice President or, with approval from the Board of Trustees, by an alternate member of the existing Executive Committee who meets the required Planning Committee experience criteria.


g.To the extent possible and for the same reasons described in 8 (e) above, the Board of Trustees slate must consist of 50% officers selected from members who have recently served as officers of the Association.  The remainder of the slate may be comprised of new members who have satisfied the Planning Committee requirements.


     h.Except as prescribed in 8 (d) above, all nominations of candidates for election shall be completed at least 60 days prior to the election date and the list of accepted candidates shall be published in the “Goan Connection” newsletter.                      


    i.The election at the General Body meeting shall be conducted by the President or other designated official of the Association. The President shall present the official nominated slate of officers and any other nominees or slates that have been          duly qualified and been accepted to run in the elections.          






    a.  Voting for the nominees to the official slate shall be conducted  during an Executive Committee Meeting, which is also attended by the Planning Committee members. This shall be done at least 60 days before the election.


        [i]  When there is only one nominee for a given                          office or a slate of officers, the voting shall be by voice vote.


       [ii]  When there is more than one nominee for an                          office, the voting may be by show of hands or by secret ballot, if so requested by an attending                    member.  The candidates shall be voted on in the                  order in which they were nominated.   


       [iii} As soon as one nominee or slate of nominees                        receives a majority vote, the President shall declare the winner as elected as the official nominee.


        [iv]  If no candidate receives a 50% majority plus one (1) of the total votes counted, the two top nominees shall compete in a runoff election by a second show    of hands or ballot.


       [v]   In a run off election, a tie vote may be broken by the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees or a member of the Planning Committee delegated by the        Board’s Chairperson.


    b. Other voting contingencies will be handled according to the current edition of Robert's Rules of order.




a.  The election of the following officers of the Executive Committee shall be held in every odd numbered calendar year at a General Body Meeting, usually during the Summer Picnic. 


                [i]  President

              [ii]  Vice President

              [iii]  Treasurer to the Association

              [iv]  Secretary to the Association

                [v]  Managing Editor


     b. The election of the following officers of the Board of Trustees shall be held in every even-numbered calendar year at a given General Body               meeting, usually during the Summer Picnic.                  


               [i]  Chairperson

              [ii]  Vice Chairperson

              [iii]  Treasurer to the Board

              [iv]  Secretary to the Board





     a. If deemed necessary, the Executive Committee Officers shall be responsible to appoint members to fill other vacant Committee positions  as in Section 7 a. [ii].


b.   Similarly, responsibility to fill vacancies created on the Board of Trustees between election cycles shall fall  upon the Executive Committee Officers, using the same power to appoint as shown above.  




     a. The term of office for all officers of the Association shall be for a period of two years 


     b. A Board of Trustees officer is not permitted to serve simultaneously on the Executive Committee and vice versa, nor is an officer on either of these bodies permitted to hold more than one position at the same time.


     c. Members of the Board of Trustees can, however, serve on      the Planning Committee and other sub committees of the       Executive Committee during their term of office.


     d. No member of the Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees shall be under the age of 18 years.


     e. No remuneration shall be paid to any member of the Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees.


     f. To avoid conflict of interest, a member and spouse will not be permitted to serve concurrently as elected officers of the Association. An elected officer’s spouse may, however, serve in a non-elected role.




     a.Any member of the Board of Trustees and/or the Executive Committee may be removed from office, for cause,  by a Resolution passed to that effect by not less than a two-thirds (2/3)majority vote of Planning Committee members        present at a special Executive Committee meeting convened         for that purpose.


     b. Absence at Executive Committee Meetings


     Any member of the Executive Committee, who fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings or 75% of meetings convened in a calendar year, without giving justifiable reason, shall automatically cease to be a member of the Executive Committee. Should the vacancy thus created be that of President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer, the respective deputy/assistant to the position shall assume the responsibility of the post until the vacancy is filled by appointment of a suitable replacement, or until the next election.  Should the position not have an assistant, the Executive Committee shall appoint an officer for the balance of the term. Note: For the purpose of this clause, the Vice President shall replace the President.




     a. President


          [i]  To call meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Association.


         [ii]  To preside at all the Executive Committee meetings with other officers.


        [iii]  To be a member ex-officio of all sub-committees.


         [iv]  To represent the Association to the public.


          [v]  To be the liaison to other Associations.


(vi)                To provide leadership regarding social, cultural, educational and charitable activities of the      Association.


        [vii]  To receive , answer, and keep records of all                       correspondence.




     b. Vice President


          [i]  To assume the duties of the President in the

              event of the President's inability to perform his/her duties.


         [ii]  To assist the President and act for him/her, or preside when requested.


        [iii]  To present documents concerning the Association to  the Government and other Bodies as directed by the Executive Committee (ie. Post Office,IRS., etc.).


         [iv]  To assist other officers as required.


     c.  Secretary to the Association


          [i]  To record Minutes of all Executive and General Body  meetings.


         [ii]  To keep all records except accounting records.


        [iii]  To have the records open for inspection by the Executive Committee and the Auditors.


         [iv]  Upon request by the Board of Trustees, to gather and submit to the Board all recorded minutes of the Executive Committee and Sub-Committee              meetings.


      d.  Treasurer to the Association


          [i] To receive and account for all funds paid to the association and to deposit them at such banking institutions as may be designated by the Executive      Committee.


         [ii] To deposit funds as directed by the Board of Trustees.


        [iii]  To issue receipts for all money received.


         [iv] To disburse payments on behalf of the Association ensuring that all such payments are properly approved and are within the approved Budget.                 All payments shall require prior approval of the Executive Committee and shall require two authorized signatures.


          [v]  To maintain proper books of accounts.


          [vi]  To maintain an inventory of all the assets of the Association and present the same to the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees          when required to do so.


         [vii]  To keep the accounts ready for inspection by the              Executive Committee and the Auditors.


        [viii] To submit annual financial statements as required to the Executive Committee, Auditors, and the Membership of the Association.


       [ix]    To keep accurate records of membership in conjunction with the Secretary and the President.


     e.  Assistants to the above positions


               To assist the officers in all their duties within the Association.



     f.  Editor


          [i]  To be responsible to publish the Association's Newsletter the " Goan Connection" 


         [ii]  To appoint the necessary staff members  and reporters to facilitate publication of the "Goan Connection".


        [iii]  To obtain approval from the Executive Committee for expenditures needed to publish the Newsletter.


         [iv]  To publish material in the newsletter subject to the approval of the Executive Committee  




     a.  Chairperson


          [i] To call a meeting of the Board of Trustees as needed. The Board shall meet at least once during      its term of office.


         [ii]  To preside at all the Board of Trustees meetings.


        [iii] To receive any legal documents regarding the                       activities of the Association.


         [iv] To provide leadership in the oversight of the                      Association, Executive Committee, and the members.                      

     b.  Vice Chairperson


          [i]  To assume the duties of the Chairperson in the event of the Chairperson's inability to perform        his/her duties.


         [ii]   To assist the Chairperson and act for him/her when            requested.


     c.  Treasurer to the Board


          [i]  To accept bequests, endowments, and hereditaments                  presented to the Association.


         [ii] To transfer funds to the Treasurer of the                           Association as received from sources or transfer as requested by the Executive Committee. 



     d.  Secretary to the Board


          [i]  To record all minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings.


         [ii]  To receive and verify copies of the inventory of the assets of the Association.


        [iii]  To facilitate the orderly transfer of office from the outgoing Executive Committee Officers to the incoming Executive Committee officers. 


         [iv]  To submit a report of the activities of the Board of Trustees to the General Body Meeting.




     a.   To conduct the day to day activities and business of the Association in order to achieve the objectives of the Association and the General Body.


     b.   To incur expenditures in accordance with estimates approved at an Executive Committee meeting. 


     c.   To make contracts for any specified purpose within the objectives of the Association and incur expenses from funds collected, provided that such expenditure shall not exceed the amount estimated without the prior sanction of the Executive Committee. All contracts  must be in writing and signed by two officers of the Executive Committee. No verbal contracts can be made by officers.


     d.   To submit financial reports to the Assoc., as needed.


     e.   To discuss and deal with matters pertaining to the general policy of the Association.


     f.   To appoint committees and sub-committees for the conduct of any specific purposes.


     g.   To receive, review and act upon, as necessary, reports from its committees and sub-committees.


     h.   To submit to the Board of Trustees, copies of minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings as required.


     i.   To present a “Summary Annual Report” to the Board of Trustees.


     j.   To call Special Meetings of the Association, as necessary.




     a.   Only the Executive Committee shall have special powers to collect money or authorize such collections, for any specific purpose to fund approved projects and activities.



     b.   The Executive Committee may, when authorized by the duly constituted general meeting and supervised by the Board of Trustees, hold, purchase or take or lease any movable or immovable property and sell, exchange, mortgage, lease or build upon the same.


c.  The movable and immovable property of the Association and all operating funds shall be vested in the care of the President,Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer        during their term of office on the Executive Committee       on behalf of the Association.


     d.   Subject to the rules and regulations in force, the Executive Committee shall have full discretion and powers to govern the Association in accordance with the Constitution By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.



     e.  The Executive Committee shall have full discretion and power to draft and/or recommend amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, if deemed necessary.


     f. Such amendments to the Constitution will only take force either when they have been approved unanimously by the Executive Committee and a majority of the Board of   Trustees, or when they have been voted on by at least two thirds of the eligible voting membership of the Association.






     a.   To administer any bequests, endowments or hereditaments that may be entrusted to the Association.



     b.   The Board of Trustees shall receive the Minutes of the Executive Committee and Sub-Committee meetings as required but shall take no action except that if they find any discrepancies in the affairs of the Association, they shall consult with the Executive Committee.  After consultation, any three members of the Board of Trustees may require the executive Committee to call a special meeting of the general body of the Association.





     a.   All documents and contracts dealing with matters concerning bequests, endowments and Trust Funds of the Association shall be signed jointly by any two members of the Board of Trustees and by any one of the following members of the Executive Committee:  the President, Vice President, Treasurer, or the Secretary. Three different Officers’ signatures are required.


     b.   All other documents and contracts necessary for the day to day running of the Association shall be signed jointly by any two of the following members of the Executive Committee: the President, Vice President, Secretary or the Treasurer. No verbal contracts shall be allowed by the Officers.




          The Common Seal of the Association shall be a device or logo containing the name of the Association as follows:


       The Goan Association of New Jersey INC.

          and the seal shall be kept by the Treasurer and shall be used by the officers delegated.  It shall not be affixed except by the resolution of the Executive Committee.




     a.   All monies belonging to the Association shall be banked in the name of the Association.


     b.   Banking accounts shall be operated as follows:


          [i] Endowments hereditaments, bequests and trust funds shall be controlled by any two elected members of the Board of Trustees and by one of the             members of the Executive Committee. Three different    signatures required.


         [ii] Two different authorized signatures are required on all disbursements, the Treasurer and one other except when a disbursement is made to the Treasurer.  In such case, any two other authorized signatures shall approve.






     a.   The objectives and powers of the Association shall be carried out and exercised under by-laws and resolutions passed by the Executive Committee.


b.    The Association, in a general body meeting or a special   meeting assembled, may also make by-laws for carrying out its objectives .


     c. Any by-law may be amended, repealed or otherwise dealt with by the Executive Committee, when deemed necessary.







     a.   The Annual General Meeting shall be held in New Jersey during the fiscal year, preferably at the Annual Summer Picnic.


     b.   Special General Meetings of the General Body of the Association may be called by the Executive Committee whenever deemed necessary.  The Chairman of the Board of Trustees shall be advised in writing.


     c.   Whenever the greater of fifty (50) voting members, in good standing, or 20% of voting members make a written request for a special meeting and specify the purpose for which such a meeting is called, it shall be the duty of the  Secretary, within 30 days, to order and call a special meeting within 60 days of such a request.


     d.   The Executive Committee shall name the date, place and time of any Special General Meeting of the General Body.


     e.   A quorum at any Annual General or Special Meeting of the Association shall consist of a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the eligible voting membership being present.  Provided that a quorum is present, a simple majority vote of those present will be sufficient to decide any action with respect to the matter for which the said meeting was called.

          An exception to this rule is provided for recommendations from the floor of a General Meeting to make changes to the Association’s Constitution and bylaws.  Any such recommendation must first be submitted for review to the Executive and the Board of Trustees.  Except as prescribed under the Special Powers clause (17.f.), a change to the constitution will only be ratified after it has received the approval of 2/3 of the eligible voting membership of the Association.


     f.   No business that requires a vote of the general membership shall be conducted at any General Body Meeting other than that which has been previously specified on the published agenda for that meeting.


     g.  Meetings shall be held in New Jersey unless otherwisedecided by the Executive Committee.




     a.  The President or Chairperson of each of the above mentioned committees shall call the meetings giving reasonable notice to the other members of the           committees.


     b.   An agenda shall be prepared and distributed prior to the meeting to all those in attendance.


     c.   A two-thirds majority shall constitute a quorum


     d.   A member who is not in good standing will not be allowed to attend or participate in meetings until reinstated, except when specifically invited by the Executive Committee to do so.


     e.  The Executive Committee shall meet a minumum of 6 times a year or have special meetings as required to conduct the day to day business of the Association and plan activities to achieve the goals of the Goan Association           of New Jersey, Inc.  The Board of Trustees shall meet, as          required but at least once during their term of office.


     f.  Voting at the meetings shall be by voice vote.


     g.  If the vote is close, any two members can call for a  motion to vote by hand or by secret ballot.


     h. A tie vote on any decision at the Executive Committee meeting can be broken by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees or his /her representative. 


     i. Meetings shall be held in New Jersey unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee.


     j.  The meetings shall be conducted according to the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order.




a.  Ordinary Member - Any Goan, relatives or friends of Goans shall be eligible for admission as an Ordinary Member. He/She shall have full voting rights. Any dependents of said ordinary member shall not have voting rights except dependent youth members when they are conducting or deliberating Youth Organization activities.


     b. Ordinary Member Family – An Ordinary Member with a legal          spouse/partner will together be deemed an Ordinary Member  Family.  Both member and legal spouse/partner will each be  vested with an independent vote (except such voting  rights shall lapse during any period that a voting member’s dues are not paid up ie member is not in good standing)


     c.   Dependents of members will automatically be considered members of the Association upon their being registered on the prescribed membership form. 


     d. Dependents of members in all classifications shall automatically be considered non-voting members.



      e.  Application for admission to membership shall be made in writing on the approved association form:


          [i]  The application shall be referred to the Executive Committee for final approval.


         [ii]  Every applicant shall have reached 18 years of age, be of sound mind, and of good moral character.


        [iii]  Every application received shall be accompanied by the annual membership fee, which fees, shall be refunded should the application not be accepted.


         [iv]  Membership is renewable for two calendar years or five calendar years or any other period as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. Paid membership dues are not refundable for any reason.


      f.  If, for any cause whatsoever, a dues paying person  ceases to be a member of the Association, he/she shall not, nor shall any of his/her dependents have any interest or claims against the funds and property of the Association due to or by reason of his/her membership in the Association.




a.    Membership dues/fees are to be set and reviewed by the    Executive Committee of the Association periodically.


     b. Membership dues/fees, as determined by the Executive  Committee will be levied and become payable by ALL members, including Officers of the Association.


     b. Definition of membership dues – dues determined by the Executive Committee to be paid by all members.






          The fiscal year shall be the same as the calendar year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st for bookkeeping purposes.





     a.   The accounts of the Association shall be audited at least once every five years by one or more Auditors, who shall be selected by the Executive Committee and who shall not be a member of the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee.  The Auditor shall have access to all books and accounts of the Association.  The position shall be honorary.


     b.  No member who has served on the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee in a fiscal year shall take up a position as an Auditor in the following fiscal year.


     c. In the event of the Auditors finding any discrepancies requiring the urgent attention of the Executive Committee, they shall require the Executive Committee to call a meeting. If the Executive Committee fails to respond to the request of the auditors, the auditors shall call a special meeting of the Board of Trustees.





     a. The Association may affiliate with any other associations    to further the objectives of the Association as may be recommended by the Executive Committee   A current list of affiliated associations shall be kept by the  Secretary.


     b.  Reciprocal Arrangements


         {i}   Only social courtesies may be extended to members of the affiliated associations.


         {ii}  Members of affiliated associations may enjoy some financial benefits of membership of the associations such as discount rates at                       each other's functions if agreed to, in writing, by both affiliated associations.





The Planning Committee is made up of Officers on the Executive Committee as well as additional co-opted members who assist in planning and organizing Association functions.  In addition to its operational role the Planning Committee also serves as the Association’s best training ground for its future leaders and officers.


1.   Absence by a member at 3 consecutive Planning Committee meetings (or 50% of the total meetings) held in the year will not be acceptable without justifiable reason and shall be sufficient cause for said member to be removed from the committee.



2.  Generally, within two years of service on the Planning Committee, members must be willing to serve in a leadership role in at least one of the Sub-committees.



3.  Members must serve at least two years on the Planning Committee or one of its Sub-committees before being eligible for nomination to the Executive Committee or Board of Trustees.



4.  New members must attend at least three (3) consecutive meetings before being eligible to vote on deliberations.


5.  On a rotation schedule, members are required to host a meeting.  Meeting dates are at the convenience of the host/hostess family.


6.  Members must be on time or be present for at least 75% of a meeting to be considered as having attended the meeting.



7.  No later than one week before a scheduled meeting, members must notify the host whether or not they will attend.  This is to help the host family with logistics and planning for the meeting.


8.  Guests may be invited to the meeting with the approval of the Executive Committee but they will have no voting rights during the deliberations.


9.  For practical reasons, the number of members on the Planning Committee is limited to 25, or as determined by the Executive Committee.


10.  Executive Committee members are also part of the Planning Committee.  Accordingly, these rules are equally applicable to them.


11.  In recognition of their dedicated service to the Association, its three surviving Founding Members have been accorded Emeritus Member status on the Planning Committee, as long as they remain in good standing.
























Goan Association of New Jersey




Organization Chart





Board of Trustees and Executive Committee




               -------------------   --------------------








         |         |         |         |         |         |

         |  Chair  |  Vice   |President|Treasurer|Secretary|

         | Person  | Chair   |         |   To    |   To    |

         |   of    |         |         |  Board  |  Board  |

         |  Board  |         |         |         |         |

         |         |         |         |         |         |







           |               |               |               |

           |               |               |               |    

      +---------+     +---------+     +----------     ----------+

      |  Vice   |     |Treasurer|     |Secretary|     | Editor  |

      |  Pres   |     |   To    |     |   To    |     |      |

      |         |     |  Assoc  |     |  Assoc  |     |      |

      |         |     |         |     |         |     |         |

      +---------+     +---------+     +---------+     ----------+

           |               |               |               |

       +-------+       +-------+       +-------+       +-------+

       | Asst  |       | Asst  |       | Asst  |       | Asst  |

       |  to   |       |  to   |       |  to   |       |  to   |

       |  VP   |       | Treas.|       |  Sec. |       |Editor |

       +-------+       +-------+       +-------+       +-------+