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Association Corner

The Summer of '97 is just a memory now, but what a Summer it was with every weekend being perfect, weatherwise. Best of all were the Association picnics which were well attended by young and old, members and non-members, who quickly became members after being drawn into the warm circle of friendship and camaraderie. We sampled each others food, we joined in the games, we played bingo and chess and raised our voices in laughter and sweet songs till finally the evening shadows and night insects forced us, reluctantly, into our cars for the homeward drive.

So what's next is the question on everyone's lips. For those who attended the memorial mass for Mother Theresa, I am sure it was an uplifting experience. But the grand finale for 1997 will definitely be the Holiday Dance on December 20. As usual, Akbar will provide the accruements for a gala evening. But the piece de resistance will be The Naked Flame, an imported Goan band who will come all the way from Canada to show us how well they can entertain us. Last but not least is the airline ticket we are going to raffle. You might be the lucky winner, so book your tickets early this year, otherwise you just might miss out on the best dance of the year. See you there!

President: Valerie Moniz