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GOANEWS by Bambino I. Martins

A friend of mine was asked if he were related to a certain individual with the same last name and from his hometown. My friend answered: "It depends!" When the puzzled questioner asked for an explanation, my friend said: "It depends on whether he is a rich uncle or a poor cousin!" I suppose we could blame Einstein and his Theory of Relativity for that answer.

But what about Goans, living overseas? Are they concerned about what goes on in Goa? It would seem that the answer would be a definite yes! But, in fact, the answer seems related to the person answering the question.

In the hope that some of you may be interested, here is a brief summary of news from Goa.

1. The Diocesan Pastoral Council in Goa is urging the faithful not to serve alcoholic drinks during "ladainhas" and village

feasts of the Cross. But, many Goans are protesting, claiming such a ban will kill the very spirit of those religious functions and make them extinct.

2. President Clinton isn't the only one who cares. The Legislative Assembly in Goa is considering a bill to prohibit smoking and spitting in public places. Signs stating that smoking and spitting are offenses will be posted in public places.

3. The Government of Goa is attempting to garner a bigger share of the foreign exchange India gets from export of ore from Goa. Presently, Goa receives only 1%. The Chief Minister of Goa would like to have about 10%.

4. The Salgaocar Sports Club soccer team won the Federation Cup by defeating East Bengal in Calcutta. Bruno Coutinho scored both the goals for Goa in the 2 to 1 victory. This is the third time that Salgaocar has won this cup.