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If it is Sweden, it must be Wednesday, but, if you were in Goa would you know what day of the week, it was? Maybe and maybe not. Hopefully, the following Konkani words will help you to know what day of the week it is, when you are in Goa. Match the Konkani word in Column A with the correct English word in Column B. If all else fails, find the correct answers on p. 12; col. 3.

Column A Column B

Somar Tuesday

Mungrar Friday

Brestar Sunday

Sonvar Thursday

Budvar Monday

Aitar Saturday

Sunkrar Wednesday

Incidentally, the Konkani words for the months of the year, are the same, as far as I know, as the Portuguese words for the months, except for the Konkani pronunciation.


Column A Column B

Aitar Sunday

Somar Monday

Mungrar Tuesday

Budwar Wednesday

Brestar Thursday

Sincrar Friday

Sonvar Saturday