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GOAN GOURMET by Cleta Lobo


1 Dudhi (Squash/Pumpkin)

1 Potato (optional), 1 Tomato, I Onion

1 pod Garlic, 1/2 inch Ginger

1/2 green/red Pepper (optional)

1 tsp Turmeric, 1 tsp Jeera

1 cup dry (or fresh) Shrimp

1 cup Coconut milk

Salt and Tamarind to taste

Peel dudhi and potato and cut into small cubes. Fry onions, then add tomatoes, garlic, turmeric, jeera and salt. Add potatoes to the masala and fry till semi-cooked. Add the dudhi, coconut milk shrimps and a cup of water Cook for about 10 min, then add tamarind.