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Megan Fernandes is a semi-finalists in a Poetry Competition organized by the National Library of Poetry (see p. 8; col. 3 for Megan's poem).

Trina Fernandes, daughter of Drs. Rocque and Zereen, graduated with distinguished honors from the Academy of Notre Dame. She achieved a perfect score of 800 in the verbal part of the SAT exam. Trina has received numerous academic merit scholarships including full tuition for four years at both Rosemont College and St. Joseph's University. She has also been granted admission as a medical student to Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP)/Hahnemann University. She will join Rosemont this fall and then MCP in September 2001.

Kevin Martins was promoted to Sergeant in the Gloucester County Explorer Program.

John Quiterio was elected the President of the Life Underwriters Association of Pottstown.

Congratulations to Brenda Rodrigues and Celsius Rebello, who got married on August 16, 1997. Best wishes from the Goan Association.