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Editor?s Comments: The times -- they are a-changing!

Yes, even though the author of those words passed away, times are still changing, particularly so, as we approach the third millennium. Unfortunately, nobody knows, for sure, if the millennium starts on the first of January of the year 2000 AD or on the first of January of 2001. This is because nobody knows whether there was a year 0 AD or whether Anno Domini began with 1 AD In fact, there is no certainty as when Jesus was born. Some have suggested that Jesus was born in 4 BC (How odd that Jesus could have been born 4 years before Christ!!)

But some people don?t want to bother with such technicalities and want to get a head start on the celebration of the millennium. And since nobody wants to be left out of such a big event, January 1, 2000 will be celebrated as the start of the third millennium. Of course, the Catholic Church, will jump ahead of everyone and celebrate the start of the millennium on the first Sunday of Advent in 1999.

Here at "Goan Connection", we want our readers to prepare for the changing times by changing one of the worst Goan traits: the "susegad" life-style!!

Time and again, when asked to do something, a common Goan response is: "I will do it when I get around to it." It?s about time, we put a stop to this procrastination. Therefore, we have decided to include a round "to it", in this issue . Hopefully, all the readers will have it with them all the time, so that in the future they will never have to say: "I didn?t do it because I didn?t get around to it."

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Here is your "TO IT". Cut around the dotted line and keep it with you always. Make copies and give to your friends and relatives.