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Sponsored by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and the Fundacao Oriente, the first CD of Konkani folk songs was released on 8th July, 1997. All those present at the Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa for the solemn function of the inauguration of the year-long commemorations of Vasco da Gama?s arrival in India 500 years ago, received a complimentary CD of the songs sung by the Goan priest Thomaz Aquino Barreto.

The CD is accompanied by text in Konkani, Portuguese and English, as well as commentary by Dr. Susana Sardo, a Portuguese scholar specialized in the subject of Konkani folk music. The CD includes 12 pieces, namely: Zonelar boisun, Dekhnni nach, Kunnbi fugddi nach, San Francisku Xaviera, Goa, Hanv saiba peltoddi vetam, Dove rozericho kollo, Nustekaram, Marcha das Fontainhas, Motim Sopnnanum naslolem, Borieche tari, Adeus korcho vellu paulo.

Gavana group was formed in 1988 and is an acronym for Gavpi, Vachpi and Nachpi (Singers, Musicians and Dancers). It started its international performances in Macao, and has toured Canada, USA, Portugal and Germany. It has performed in Portugal more than once. It also represented the Indian Council of Cultural Relations at the Chinese Intentional folklore Festival and the Silk Route Festival in 1996.