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India is getting ready to hold elections to the Lok Sabha (People?s House or India?s Lower House of Parliament). Goa has 2 members in the Parliament and both of them will have to seek reelection.

While Congress will try to gain an absolute majority and form the new government, the BJP is a strong contender for majority rule. Of course, the United Front will attempt to form its own coalition government. If Congress wins a majority, it is possible that Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-born widow of Rajiv Gandhi, may become Prime Minister.

For over 400 years, Goan Catholics wondered if there would ever be a non-Italian Pope. They were astonished when it was announced that a Cardinal from Poland was chosen to be Pope. Many thought it was a Polish joke, but Pope John Paul II surprised even the most ardent raconteur of Polish jokes.

For over 400 years, some Goans hoped to be rid of foreign domination and many felt that dream came true in December 1961.

Now, while, some Indians ponder over the possibility of an Italian Premier and some Goans wonder if that would be Divine Comedy, Americans wonder if what is going on in the White House is a Human Tragedy!!! The times are indeed changing and the Comeback Kid of yesterday may become the Comeback Creep of the Millennium.