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The Goan Association of New Jersey is going to host the Fourth Goan Reunion in New Jersey during the July 4th weekend next year. The third reunion was held in June 1997 in Maryland/Washington.

Given the magnitude of the occasion, the rigid schedule of events and the large number of people expected to attend from the US and Canada, we will need helpers and volunteers to man the Coordinating Committee and the four sub-committees. The proposed dates are:

Saturday, July 3, 1999 - dinner/dance

Sunday, July 4, 1999 - picnic

Monday, July 5, 1999 - tour of Manhattan

The Coordinating Committee will form a link between the Executive Committee and the various subcommittees. The subcommittees are:

Sub Committee on the dance

Sub Committee on the mass at the picnic

Subcommittee on the picnic

Sub Committee on the Tour of Manhattan

We will be soliciting volunteers at the upcoming Spring Dance and at the Summer picnics. So please think about how you would like to help.