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by Valerie Moniz

This year’s dance will be held at the Gran Centurions in Clark, New Jersey on April 25, 1998, beginning at 5:30 pm and ending at midnight.

Libations at the open bar will commence at 6 pm, with the barmen poised to shake, mix and ice your drink of choice. At the same time, your favorite DJ, the ever-popular and effervescent Markey Mark will swing into action to play the music that will bring you to your feet. Markey Mark will spin those discs all evening, so get plenty of rest before the dance, because once the dance starts, the music will keep you boogying all night.

At 8:00 pm the Gran Centurions will invite you to their cornucopia of tossed salad, roast pork with sauerkraut, chicken stir fry, beef w/mushroom sauce, stuffed shells, old world potatoes and "make your own" ice cream sundae bar. The members of the Executive Committee were hesitant about replacing an Indian menu with American, but there have been enough requests for a change, that after a taste test, they were assured that there was something for everyone at the Gran Centurions’ buffet.

There will be prizes galore - many door prizes and spot prizes, as well as that much sought-after raffle to an exotic destination. You could be the lucky vacationer, so be there early to purchase your winning ticket. And the young ‘uns won’t be forgotten - there will be something special for them so they too can win their own trophy.

So circle April 25, on your social calendar and write Gran Centurions in large letters on that date. Because that is the date to meet in Clark, New Jersey for a swinging good time.