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ASSOCIATION CORNER by the President: Valerie Moniz

Greetings members:

As Nature is preparing to usher in Spring, so is the Executive Committee preparing to usher in the annual Spring Fling Extravaganza at the Gran Centurions in Clark, New Jersey. Those of you who graced this wonderful occasion two years ago will remember the Gran Centurionsí spacious parking lot, elegant ballroom and huge dance floor which was big enough to accommodate any line dance Markey Mark could come up with. Coupled with the Gran Centurionsí ample buffet and open bar, this is an affair to remember.

The Executive Committee has been busy this Winter checking out several dance halls in the area and finally settled on the Gran Centurions which is large enough to accommodate the Spring Fling crowd. And based on our last yearís experience, we decided to go for the gusto and have booked the massive Ukranian banquet Hall in Somerset for Christmas. It has the largest dance floor I have ever seen.


Whether you are a shuffler or you like to spread your wings and swing, you wonít step on anyoneís toes, nor do the bump with someone other than your partner.

If you donít read this issue from cover to cover, then you will certainly miss some excellent articles, but at least make sure you read the article on the upcoming elections for the Board of Trustees, and if you wish to serve on the Board, we welcome your self-nomination. As you know, elections are held at our annual Summer picnic, that is why this particular picnic is for members only. This year the picnic will be catered, so make sure you get your tickets early. Details on the picnic will be published soon.

Well folks, I look forward to seeing you all at the Gran Centurion on April 25. Till then Iíll be busy shopping for a dress that will top the one I wore at the Holiday Ball. (Smile). Actually, Iíll be busy with Chris, Felix, Cleta and Bambino trying to figure out how to make this a memorable evening.