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BOWLING: hop skip and jump

by Bambino Martins

Itís exciting to bowl, but itís even more exciting to watch others bowl. The antics of the bowlers make me wonder, if I am watching a variation of the hop, skip and jump game, I used to play as a kid.

The first time I ever knew about bowling, was when I read the story about Rip Van Winkle, when I was in high school. Some bowlers would be better off resting in peace or sleeping for another 20 years; but that could not be said of the Goan bowlers.

To break the monotony of Winter, the Goan Association of New Jersey, organizes a trip to a bowling alley during Feb/Mar. This year was not any different. Even though, we had a rather mild winter -- should we ascribe it to El Nino or to global warming or to our Prez, who is glowing in the warmth of an economy which is doing well. -- an enthusiastic group of Goans bowled at the Woodcrest Playdrome in South Jersey. For two hours, on the afternoon of Saturday, March 12th, we bowled to our heartsí content, oblivious of whether we got a strike or a spare or even if the ball rolled down the gutter! The bowlers included the young and the young at heart. The temperament and the skill of the bowlers varied considerably, as was indicated by the score and the acrobatics.

Dianne Nunes was the best bowler, scoring 203 in one of the games. Even as we congratulate her, we hope, that at the next event, the average score for all bowlers will be above 200.

The bowling was followed by a social gathering at the YMCA in Voorhees, NJ. We played several party games, talked and joked and tasted a variety of desserts. Only a few hardy souls took to the floor to dance. Most of the others were nursing sore toes on which they had dropped the ball. If all goes well and there is enough interest, we will plan another bowling party in October. Remember that a family that bowls together stays together.