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Since my first visit to Goa 24 years ago, what remains constant in each journey back, every walk through the city streets, side trips to the countryside, and the strolls along the shore’s edge - is the pervasive warmth of the people that matches the breath-taking sights of the sun-drenched landscape. With all the changes that chip away and pollute this lovely paradise, there is a spirit of promise and hope that radiates with each sunset. It makes the leaving so much harder. Following are the thoughts I tried to express while on the plane as Goa drifted farther and farther away:


The beauty, the warmth, the presence of Goa -

All whisper their call on your heart.

Gently cool breezes through Nature’s delights

All making this so hard to depart.

A smile, a sigh, the eyes that show love;

In the market, the curb, or a home

A pureness shines bright, which will humble the might -

By the love and the warmth that is shown.

A farewell to Goa from the beach by the sea -

Leaves you breathless and longing for more.

But the call to return to a land far more pale -

Echoes your loss on the shore.

As the distance increases the space that is made;

The sadness will loosen its hold.

For the lifeblood that has given this place it’s true name,

Has now become part of my soul.