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by Tony Barros

The Goan Association of New Jersey, Inc. has donated $250 (about 10,000 rupees) to the Goan Branch of the Shanti Avedna Ashram. This hospice, for advanced and terminally ill cancer patients is located at Narcoda village in Lutoulim, Salcete, Goa and is one of three in India. (The other two are in Bombay and New Delhi). This organization is run by the Catholic Sisters of Holy Cross and it provides free treatment for patients from Goa, Karwar and Belgaum, regardless of their caste or religion, as long as they have been referred by a doctor who has classified them as terminally ill.

The Executive Committee has been considering donations to various causes for some time now and voted on donating money to the Sisters of Charity last year at our Mother Theresa memorial mass. This second donation was voted on because we felt it is a very worthy cause. We will continue to make donations and report on them from time to time in this newsletter which is a "connection" to each other, as well as a connection to our brethren in Goa.