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In this section, we present a conversation, in Konkani, betweem Pedru (Peter) and Caitan (Cajetan). My Konkani is not the best in the world, but if this reads like Greek to you, I suggest you relearn Greek. The English translation is presented on later….

Pedru: Kesho asa?

Caitao: Ao boro asan. / Zoro asa. / Doent asa.

P: Tun huncho? C: Ao goenkar mure.

P: Ten zana. Tun Bardezkar ou Shaistikar re? C: Ao Shaistikar.

P: Kiten kotha? C: Kain kona; C: Bazran oita. C: Igorjec oita. C: Felon oitan.

P: Tugen cheun kiten kotha? C: Ten sclak oita. C: Ten var kotha.

P: Te burge kiten kothai re tinga?

C: Moisti kotai disota.

P: Tum huim rauta atam?

C: Ao atam flatan rauta.

P: Kuwait osson, bore boishe kole quiten?

C: Oi, maka antam, lok respeit ditai.






























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On a tadpole, of course!
































(English Translation)

Peter: How are you?

Cajetan: I am fine.

C: I have fever. / I have a fever / I am sick.

P: Where are you from?

C: I am from Goa.

P: That I know. Are you from Bardez or Salcete? C: I am from Salcete.

P: What do you do? C: I am doing nothing. / I am going to the bazaar (market) / I am going to church / I am going to play.

P: What does your daughter do?

C: She goes to school / she works.

P: What are those boys, over there, doing?

C: It seems like they are upto some mischief.

P: Where do you live now?
C: I live in a flat (apartment) now.

P: You went to Kuwait and made a lot of money (I guess)?

C: Yes. Now, people respect me.