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Greetings members:

We had a great turnout at our Spring Fling Extravaganza and it was a pleasure seeing all of you there. This year the venue was a little different, but everyone seemed to enjoy the change and surprisingly, there were no complaints about the non-Indian meal.

It is now time to pack away our Winter woollies and bring out the shorts and tee shirts. And I hope all of you have them washed and pressed in readiness for July 11 when we come together at the Turkey Swamp Park to enjoy our annual Summer Picnic. Don?t forget that this year we will elect a new Executive Committee, so come ready to give your yea or nay vote. And come ready to eat, drink and be merry, as we will have lots of mouth-watering food, energetic activities and just plain old jolly good fun!

At this year?s picnic, we will be soliciting helpers for the "Big Event" in 1999 which is the Fourth of July Goan Reunion. This time, New Jersey is hosting it, and we want it to be very memorable. But the two-day event requires a lot of planning and organizing, so we need as many people as possible to pitch in. As they say, "many hands make work light." We also welcome new and creative suggestions about how to run either the Saturday dance or the Sunday picnic. Remember, we have our reputation to maintain. Everyone has heard about the great functions New Jersey hosts! I even heard people complimenting us when I was in London recently. So folks, lets hear from you, either at the picnic or on the telephone.

I look forward to seeing as many of you who can make it to the July picnic. If not, let?s make a definite date for the Labor Day picnic.

See you soon