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Our much anticipated Summer picnic is scheduled to be held at the Turkey Swamp Park in Freehold Township on Saturday, July 11, 1998, starting at 11 am and ending when darkness falls or when the Park gates close, whichever comes first. We have rented the Sandy Run picnic area which is a lovely secluded spot within the Park near a lake. Sandy Run has a large covered pavilion which will keep us dry should it rain, but, please keep your fingers crossed, or light a candle to make sure we have a pleasant sunny day. Sandy run can be accessed by making a left, as soon as you enter the Park.

This year the Committee decided to cater the picnic, thinking it might be a welcome change for members who won?t have to bother about what food to bring and where to cook it. Catering will be provided by a nearby Indian Restaurant. Sodas, tea and coffee, as well as all necessary paper products will be provided, so all members have to worry about is finding their way to the Park, and that shouldn?t be difficult, as clear directions were printed on the back of the flyer. The price of the ticket is $5 per person. This is a members only picnic, but we allow members to bring their out-of-town visitors, who will be charged the full price of $10.

Sandy Run is large enough for volley ball and for the kiddy games. Grassy fields for other sports like soccer are about 5 minutes away. There will be plenty of games and members are encouraged to bring their own games and to suggest new and creative games for the group. Those who are musical should bring their musical instruments, as a sing-a-long is bound to happen when two or more Goans get together. Those hoping to win some cash can participate in the ever-popular Bingo.

Don?t forget that this is an election year for the Executive Committee, so we?ll take time out to put the Slate for a vote. On the Slate are Chris Nunes as Chairperson, Bambino Martins as Vice Chair, Godfrey Gomes as Treasurer and Freddie Coutinho as Secretary. Any member can challenge the slate and nominate themselves for one of these positions at the time of the election.

As we need to inform the restaurant of the numbers at least a few days before the picnic, no tickets will be sold after July 7. So please hurry up and book your tickets now. We want all of you to be there.