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by Olinda Gomes



5 cups unbleached Allpurpose flour

1/3 cup sugar; 2 teaspoons salt


1 cup warm water

1 package dry yeast

1/4 cup oil; 2 eggs

In a bowl mix all the (A) ingredients and in another bowl mix all the (B) ingredients.

Add (B) and (A) to form a dough. Knead for 10 minutes. Place the dough in a large bowl and cover with Saran wrap. Keep in a warm place and let the dough rise for about 2 hours or until it doubles in size. Punch the dough down and divide it into 24 to 30 rolls. Shape the rolls appropriately and place them, about 2" apart, on a baking sheet. Cover with a kitchen towel or Saran wrap. Keep in a warm place for about an hour or till the rolls double in size. Glaze the rolls with beaten egg yolk and bake in a preheated oven at 350o for 15-20 minutes.