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THANK YOU by Bambino Martins

Wilma and I express our deepest sense of gratitude to all of you for your expression of concern, when all hell broke loose as tiny microbes decided to invade my heart and reside in my aortic valve for several months. Like most invaders, the microbes had no sympathy for the territory they occupied. Within weeks, they had chewed a big hole in my aortic valve and not satisfied with that they were spewing out blood clots from my heart. One of them the size of a silver dollar lodged in my brain. Within 6 weeks after Wilma took me to a hospital, I had two strokes, brain surgery, open heart surgery and dental surgery to extract four teeth. In the process, I lost over thirty pounds. Two weeks after all that, I came home to recover. Before coming home, I underwent a battery of tests. The doctors found no evidence of the strokes. One cardiologist stated that considering what I had been through, I had made a remarkably quick recovery. Another cardiologist after a stress-test, stated, I had the heart of a horse; leading my family to hope that I would eat like a horse and regain most of the lost weight Whoever said that you can take a horse to the well, but you cannot make it drink the water; never met my family. They not only took me into the kitchen, but they made me eat like a horse. I am pleased to say that thanks to their insatiable appetite, on my behalf, I am putting on weight. As we are about to enter the third millennium, in a world mesmerized by rapid advances in science and medicine, many people are shocked by any talk of miracles and of the power of prayer. Without meaning to minimize the skill of the surgeons and of the doctors, I want to state here and now, categorically and unequivocally, that I ascribe my remarkable recovery to prayer. I am ever grateful to so many of you, who stormed the gates of heaven with your prayers. Eventually, the gates opened and God's healing grace poured out on me. It is my hope and prayer, that we will continue to pray for so many others in the our community who find themselves in poor health and in predicament, as bad as, if not worse than mine. We Thank you for the masses, novenas, votive candles, prayers, for the food, flowers, cards, other gifts and phone calls. Thanks also for the many visits at the hospital and at home It is not feasible to thank every one individually. We hope you will accept this expression of our thanks as a personal expression of our gratitude to everyone of you individually.