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The sages through the ages have proclaimed that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  But there is more to beauty than meets the eyes. While people differ in their ability to enjoy what is beautiful, beauty itself is objective and not merely in the eyes of the beholder.


There isn't enough space in the "GOAN Connection”, for me to write all I want to write about beauty. So I strongly recommend that readers   read the excellent book: "The evidentiary power of beauty" by Thomas Dubay. The sub-title states: "Science and theology meet" and the author provides convincing evidence from many different disciplines in Science and from Theology, that GOD EXISTS.


Every experience of beauty points to infinity. Eminent physicists of the twentieth century agree that beauty is the primary standard for scientific truth and declare that one can recognize truth by its beauty and simplicity.


Beauty is crucial to any human enterprise because beauty triggers wonder and often great minds ask questions in astonishment. Beauty sparks an animation of the spirit and makes the whole person quiver.


The overriding necessity in any  human being is to gaze on the beauty of the Lord - "Beatific Vision". Leisure is made for beauty. Five times God declared His handiwork, "good, very good." and on the seventh day God rested to enjoy the beautiful universe He had created.  We, too, should consider Sunday, The Lord's Day, a favorite time not just to relish the beauty of our beloved, but to enjoy the beauty of what God created for us. Yes, God created the Universe for us. Now there is scientific evidence that the Earth is the Center of the Universe, in the sense that the Universe is designed primarily to sustain life on earth.


Homo sapiens are indeed the crown of creation, but some of us believe they   have descended from, or are related to monkeys / apes / whatever. And sometimes, some of them act like they had descended to the level of donkeys or jackasses and unworthy to wear a crown.







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