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Dear Members,


As we start this New Year, let me take this opportunity of wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and blessed New Year. Those who were able to attend the holiday dance, may agree with me that it was a great success, and I personally thought it was the best dance we ever had. To mark the tenth anniversary of the association, we had a special treat of Sorpotel, a labor of love, prepared by some of the members of the Planning Committee. There was a raffle for two round trip tickets to London on Virgin Atlantic. I express my sincere thanks to Gareth Fernandes for his efforts in securing these tickets. There was a collection for the families of the victims of the WTC disaster. Attendees of the dance donated generously to this cause. This donation along with some of the proceeds from the raffle, for a total of $1,000, has been sent to the Salvation Army for proper disbursement. I wish to thank everyone that donated their time and effort to put this event together, and make it such a memorable occasion marking ten very special years.


It is difficult to imagine that ten years have passed since the creation of the Goan Association of New Jersey. The Association has changed tremendously from the humble beginning. Membership has been on the rise, and the attendees of our functions have a great time meeting other members. We hope to continue in the same spirit of friendship and laughter. May God bless you.

The Importance of Financial Planning in an Uncertain Economy
Felix Menezes
When everyone else was investing in dot com stocks, did you go along for the ride?  Were you tempted to do so?  Now that the market's bumpy ride is making you queasy, are you thinking about getting out?  Should you?
Too many people decide how to invest their savings based on what everyone else is doing.  But it's become painfully, clear that no one else can make the right decisions for your investment strategy.  That's why a financial plan is so important.
A financial plan can help you negotiate the twists and turns of the market because your investment strategy is based on your own situation and goals, not what the market is doing at the moment.
A  financial plan is simply a guide to help you determine where you are financially, where you want to be, and how to get there.  Many people resist creating a financial plan because it seems like too much trouble, until they find themselves in a pinch.  If you've been seeing the value of your investments fall lately, now may be the time to consider the benefits of putting a solid financial plan together.


You can create the plan yourself.  A good financial plan will address more than your investments, it will look at all the pieces of your financial picture, including investment objectives, risk tolerance, budgeting, saving, credit, taxes, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning and more.
Some of the questions you should ask yourself are:  What are your investment goals?  Are you saving for a long-term goal, like retirement or a child's education?  Or are you looking forward to fulfilling some more immediate dream, like starting your own business or paying for a daughter's wedding? 

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