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The Caring Committee starts the New Year off with thoughts of blessings and ways to share with others in need.  Over the past year, we have focused our sights in reaching out to others and sharing love, support, and friendship.  In particular, the annual clothing drive for the Back-to-Work Boutique, run by the Salvation Army in New Brunswick was a great success.   Continue to save those new or 'gently used' clothing items and accessories for the underprivileged women returning to the work place.  The summer picnic will be here before you know it!  Those items are greatly appreciated and put to very good use.  (Any men's items go to the men's shelter).  So please start saving now! The Prayer-Chain warriors are at work praying for the intercessions of the friends and families of the Goan Association.   If you have a need, please let us know and we would be happy to put you on our prayer chain request list.  You can contact either Elina Gomes at 856-424-3260 or Dianne Nunes at 609-395-8428.  We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers and have our earthly angels pray for those special needs.


A $500 donation was given to the Order of the Carmel Sisters Convent School.  The school was devastated by the earthquake in Gujarat last year and our assistance will help them recover.


Most recently the Goan Association collected, as well as added, toward a donation in the amount of $1000 at our Annual Holiday Ball last month for the victims of the terrorists attacks of September 11. The money has been given to the Salvation Army, who will distribute the funds accordingly.   The people that attended the Ball were most generous in their giving.








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 We wish to express our thanks and gratitude for your generous support and caring for the needs of others who are suffering.    You are all a very special part of the Caring Committee and allow others who need a loving hand, feel our love and concern.  Any concerns, questions, donations may be addressed by calling the President Chris Nunes, or anyone on the Executive Committee.  Ideas, prayers, requests, funds, donations are always welcome!

- Dianne Nunes







March 2, Bowling, Cherry Hill, NJ.

July, Member’s ONLY Summer Picnic

December 14, Annual Holiday Ball,

Ukrainian Cultural Center, Somerset, NJ.


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How much money do you have to invest?  How long will you keep the money invested?   Can you add to your investments on a regular basis?
  Do you need the income from your investments for living expenses?  Do you have enough cash readily available in the event of an emergency?  How much can you
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The answers to these and other important questions are the starting points
for the investment portion of your plan.  The next step is to outline the type of investments that are appropriate for you (diversification) and how much of
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can be the most important investment decision you make.
It is important to have your Financial Plan in place, the next important thing is sticking to it, this can help ensure that your investment  decisions are the right ones for you. 
Markets go up and markets
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