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Dear Members,


Hope all of you and your families had a wonderful start to the Fall Season, and that the months ahead will continue to be filled with blessings as we prepare for the Christmas season. On behalf of the Executive Committee, I wish you all the best as we prepare to finish the year 2001 and look forward to seeing you at our annual Christmas Ball on December 15. Not only will it be another exciting and fun filled event, but we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary of the establishment of this Association.

The founders of this organization have given us the opportunity of sharing our Goan heritage and culture with friends who have become like a second family over these years.

As we look ahead to the next decade, perhaps we can each ask ourselves what contribution we, as individuals, can make to fortify the bonds that hold us together. Support our functions, reach out to your neighbor in prayer, and continue to be a positive and available participant when called upon to help, are certainly ways to continue building on the foundation that was laid ten years ago.

God bless our future as we move ahead together.

Chris Nunes



Connections: Our Mother-tongue

(continued from the July issue) B.M.


Mouza koxi marta? Sanjechea vellar, suria darer paulo toso, lok veller veta. Bhurge ani tornatte doriant mosteponnam kortat ani pevtat; zantto lok

doriachea kharea udkant paen buddoitat rogot poddonam zaunk vo rogot poddlam zalear borem vo havu korunk.


Vaddea vaddeamnim futtbol, volibol, badminton fevtat. Lok bhorpur ambe ani ponnos khatat; ani tornatte dongrar vochun kazu, bindd'dam katat.


Abril ani Mai, ghimache mhoine, Goenkar applea desant, bhorpur mouza kortat.


Junachea poilea sumanant paus podonk lagtta, ani dusrea sumanant burgeanchi xalla suru zatta.

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Oval Callout: Paus   podonk lagtta ?













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