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The Caring Committee continues to assist those in need with their ongoing efforts…… 

The Prayer-Chain Warriors are prayer partners for the Goan Association,  ready to pray for your needs.    If you, a family member, or friend has a need for prayer, you can request prayers and the chain will be set in motion.   Place a phone call to either  Dianne Nunes at 609-395-8428 or Elina Gomes at 856-424-3260 and we would be happy to take your request.   You need not leave a name if you wish to remain anonymous.   Whatever your need is, the prayer warriors will place your request before the Lord.   Since prayer is such a powerful tool, we invite you to utilize the prayer chain and let God help you in your time of need. Volunteers are always welcomed to assist in the prayer chain.  The only requirement needed is a heart of compassion and a willingness to offer your prayers.  Love and God bless.

Christmas Food Collection

Once again, the Caring Committee will assist the Salvation Army in New Brunswick with a canned goods and packaged food drive for the Christmas Holidays.  Please bring non-perishable items to the Annual Holiday Ball on Saturday, December 15.  Your donations were greatly appreciated last year, and this year, we hope to collect even more.  These items will help in stocking the near-empty shelves that clear off around the Holidays.  Helping those in need is one of the goals of the Caring Committee and this food drive meets a critical need for those less fortunate.    Start thinking about putting aside a treat or two to take to the dance and share with those who are not blessed with an abundance.  In a small way we experience the greater joy and blessings of giving to others.


Dianne Nunes









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 Connections: Our Mother-tongue

                               continued from page 4


Will you come to play soccer? = Tun futbol khellonk ietoloi?

Will you go to swim? = Tun pevonk vetoloi?

Don't work too hard. = Chodd kam korinaka. Or Chodd zodd kam korinaka

Will you come to the beach with me? = moje borabor tun veller ietoloi?

Do you swim? = Tun pevonk zannai? or tum pevta? Or pevta tum? (More emphatic

but somewhat incredulous)

He is a good swimmer = to boro pevnnar. He is a very good swimmer = to ekdom

boro pevnnar.









December 15, 10th Annual Holiday Ball,

Ukrainian Cultural Center, Somerset, NJ.



My exams will be over in June. = Mojeo ezami (porikxea) Junant sompteleo

Our young people are very smart = amche tornatte ekdom' uxear

Wish you a pleasant summer = tumkam soglleank kuxallborit ghim anvddetam

This is a literal translation. Goans do not wish in konkani a good summer,

may be summer activities.

Chodd mosteponnam korinaka = don't do much mischief (or behave yourself).

Tum mosto cheddo = you are a mischievous boy

Tum mostem cheddum - you are a mischievous girl

Tum mosti bail = you are a mischievous woman (this expression referring to a woman has a pejorative connotation).

Tum mosto daddlo = you are a mischievous man

Bhorpur mouza marat = have a lot of fun

Mog asum di = This is an unique expression in Konkani and difficult to translate. Closest translation would be with love. This expression is used to sign off. Literally would mean let there be love.


                                         - Winsom Alvares


Hate ironing?  You can minimize it by taking wet, washed items that would need ironing and putting them in the dryer for fifteen minutes in the Permanent Press cycle.  As soon as the dryer stops, immediately remove items, shake them out by “snapping” them, put them on hangers and let them air dry completely.  In this state, only very brief touch-up ironing will be required, (if at all).